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Many men go around today saying the word, “bro.” But what does this word really entitle? There are many messages and background themes associated with the title of “bro.” Although, many can be deceiving and can often lead to confusion so let’s get started into the ever complex world of “bros”

1. Meaning of the Word

“Bro,” short for “brother,” is an identifier used among guys everywhere. It usually is used when the man feels comfortable enough to refer to you as one of his best friends, almost brother-like. It started as a small trend, but now has branched off into being an identifier word for guys who are there for you, like a brother.

2. Uses

You may now be wondering when to introduce the word into the relationship, well, this is tricky. “Bro” can be used as an informal term to say a greeting, such as “hey bro, what’s up?” The difference between that expression versus “you’re awesome man, you’re my bro,” is rather drastic. The first expression is casual, and can be used at anytime with no limitations, the second; however, should only be used when you have already established yourself as loyal best friends.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty is the most essential key to being a bro. It’s not the way you act, talk, your values, opinions, none of that. Loyalty. This concept separates the friends from the “bros.” Without loyalty, the world of “bros” may very well fall apart. Loyalty, as defined in a dictionary, means a strong feeling of support or allegiance. By practicing loyalty, you are pledging your allegiance to the United States of Bromerica. The concept doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with other people, but it can outline each other as priorities over invading forces.

4. Special Cases

If you are with a girl you really like and she calls you a “bro,” that means you are in the friend zone and it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. Consider all possible outcomes and benefits to staying or leaving before making any haste decisions. You do not want to ever be called a “bro” by a girl, unless it’s your sister. It is almost certain friend zone and a dangerous territory to be in.




One thought on “Man Tip 1

    buckhunter18 said:
    April 24, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Cameron, I like to think of us as “bros”. This is a great first blog, something to really kick start your word press blog score. Cameron, you rock. Keep on keepin on.

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