Final: Fictional Narrative

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I creaked and screeched at all times of the day, always creating a coggy atmosphere for the viewers. I really hate the viewers, why can’t I just be left alone? My bumpy floorboards, my dusty staircases, all the curtains filled with blood from past owners. I’m sure not pretty, but there is definitely a reason people tend to stay away from me. Years after years people keep making the mistake of buying me. I do love that people try, but what they always seem to overlook is the story behind my walls.

In 1867 I was built, following the civil war, by a young couple who had just had their first son. The couple was happy, they had a glow to them. Although it was this glow that was concealing their real personalities. To everyone else they seemed like the ideal family, they would put on a mask daily to show to their friends, but when the time came to come home they turned into completely different people. It was the father, Obediah, who had enforced the rule that their only son could not leave the house past eight. Now for a little boy this was troubling as all the neighbor kids played in the streets at night. He knew his mother Meredith would be a pushover on the subject and so when Obediah was not home he snuck out. He was only outside for twelve minutes before Obediah brought him inside forcefully. This was it, he had broken the golden rule of the home. Obediah unlooped his built and pinned little Edward against a chair. Meredith started sobbing even before it happened. Edward cried out, but no one could hear him.

Obediah’s last words before he stopped, “you don’t wanna find out what’s next.”

Edward trembled over those words and quivered up into a small ball. He was scared beyond belief and all he could do was sit in his room and think. Although a small evil consumed Edward. He began playing out scenarios in his head of what life would be like without his father. I believe a spirit had taken him. He now was addressing himself as “Legion.” Everything he said he slurred and whenever he was called to dinner he looked at Obediah in demonic way.

One night while Obediah was sleeping, Edward peeped through the door and stood silently over his bedside for hours. In the morning Obediah was woken up to a shoe hitting the floor and Edward’s bright white eyes were hidden in a cluster of shadows. Obediah and Meredith were worried for Edward, and not for their own well-beings like they should’ve been.

The next night was the night that had defined me for the rest of the world. Edward slithered into the basement and hid in the dark under a blanket in the crawlspace. Obediah and Meredith quietly stepped down one step at a time to turn the light on. Once they did they saw Edward in the corner feasting on a dead rat. He was hunched and facing away from his parents.

They creeped closer and touched him on the back saying, “alright Edward time to come upstairs.”

Edward cracked his neck heavily and turned almost all the way around “but the fun has just begun,” he said laughing hysterically

He pulled out a dagger and pierced it directly through Obediah’s heart. Obediah stood grasping for his last breaths. He felt chilled and looked over Edward’s shoulder to see a dark man who filled the description of Lucifer.

“Why have you forsaken me God?” as his final words came out.

Meredith managed to escape from my basement and flee to start a new life somewhere far away, some say she fled to California for the gold rush. She had talked to the realtors to help her sell me right away. She was not about to tell any stories about her son who had murdered her husband. The idea was that I would not sell if people were aware of the demonic possession that occurred in me. She just thought it would be for the best that no one knew about the incident; however, she was sadly mistaken.

At the turn of the century, another family had finally moved in. They had been saving every penny they own to buy me. It was just barely enough.

The first night they moved in was probably the worst for them. They heard noises throughout the night. The father had gotten up to check out what was going on. He crawled out of their bed and headed down the hallway towards the stairs with a small candle to light the way. As he approached the stairs his candle diminished.

He yelled out, “who’s there?”

A small whisper leaned over and said, “Legion.”

Then the father was whipped down the stairs and landed on his head. I saw the whole thing. Legion was standing at the top of the stairs with the door to the bedroom half open.

The wife heard the door open and half asleep said, “come back to bed honey.”

She opened her eyes and saw this black spirit just lurking on her bedside. It entered her. The father rushed back into the room to see if she was okay. He took her and their crying child into the family room together. Only candle light lit the house. The father had told his wife to stay with the baby while he would go and investigate.

Within seconds of leaving the mother had taken the baby and left out the door never to be seen again.

Many different things have happened inside me and I wonder if I’ll be owned again. Actually I hear someone coming now. I am Legion.


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