Final: Blog Post 1 – Cars

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To be a man, you gotta’ have the car. It is one of the most basic rules to follow and sometimes one of the hardest to execute. It is a simple concept, cars get the girls. If that is true, then by getting a car you get the girl and become a man. Manhood is not solely about the car of which you have, but rather in the way in which you use it.

First, there are many different types of cars that vary in price, style, and the “vibe” it gives off. Just because you don’t have the financial means to afford a high-rolling car does not mean you are a not a man. A man is responsible with his money and does not buy exotic things that would put the needs of his family after his own needs. That is simply selfish. A car should be proportionate to the income the man makes. If he makes six figures he should be able to save up and afford a luxury car and present it in a reasonable way.

For example, I man, no matter the caliber of income, should not flaunt at any time. There is a certain glow that being modest and classy presents to a person. Being flashy and talking about how much you have or how much you make will only satisfy yourself because other people find that trait to be particularly unattractive. It is not always about the stuff you have, but in the manner that you preserve it.

Reckless spending on cars is excessive. If your family wants to move or go on vacation, their needs always come first. Do not spend money on a car in which only one or two of the family members can enjoy it. It is a fine line between selfish and caring. There should be no time that an inanimate object should come before a person’s children in any scenario.

Next, a car should be maintained. If you are going to own anything that nice, it should be well kept. Although, there is a big difference between cautious and caring as well. Some men believe that their prized possessions should sit in a garage never to see the outside world. For me personally I find that to be a complete waste of money. Earning and saving for a long period of time only to not drive that car and just look at it collect dust in a florescent lighted garage for years on years—no thanks.

Lastly, cars a special thing unique to the manhood community. Please be considerate to other drivers on the road and understand that there are other people on the road too and some who are in the same situation as you. Don’t be a reckless driver, not to say you can not enjoy the car and accelerate once in a while, but rather know your place. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, do not be hot-dogging (loud noises) down the street on your way to work early in the morning. If you follow these tips, your car will make you happy and it will be greatly liked by all members of the manhood community.



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