Final: Blog Post 2- Clothing

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Dress for the occasion is the most underrated statement in all of manhood. It is not about being the best looking guy in the room, it is clearly about being the best dressed. Their are many ways to present yourself for various different occasions or events. As you go along in the manhood process the guidelines for how to dress, the what-to-wears, become more discreet.

For a small gathering party: Clothing does not always have to be dependent on the weather, wear shorts when you please and pants whenever you are at leisure to do so. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be uncomfortable to look good. There are many different styles that guys can wear to keep them cool and comfortable. For a small gathering, comfort is always key. The converstation and attention will be derived towards each other, and since there are not that many people, smaller details will become evident. For winter, I recommend a sweater over the top of a formal button-down. This look is extremely classic and quite comfortable for a chilly season. For summer, I recommend non-khaki dress shorts. Either ones you would wear to a beach or even golf shorts. For shirts in the summer I recommend a henley button-down or a loose fitting polo shirt (non-cotton) to keep you cool.

For a club party: This is the time to dress in bright colors. Traditionally, many people try to impress by dressing in all neon colors to make the party more vibrant, however; the color white is best scene in a dark and black-lit atmosphere. It creates a unique light that radiates from your shirt and is sure to be a hot topic at the party. Be sure to bring glow sticks to the party and pass them out. It is fun to wear them as bracelets or necklaces on the dance floor. If the party starts to get crazy, you might have the crazy idea to rip open the glow sticks and put the juice inside on yourself. This is completely fine, but be aware that the juice does stain clothing so if you are going to put anywhere, put it on your skin. The light it reflects on your skin is sure to be an attention getter.

For a night pool party: A pool party is complicated because you want to wear something nice, but at the same time everything gets wet and it looks awkward. Keep your swimsuit and your change of clothes separate at all times. Most of the time people would assume that you change into shorts and a raggy old t shirt after, but it might be a good idea to pack some sweatpants. Nights can become very chilly and the biggest chill you might have is from the water in which you just swam in. Wind, of any kind, can make your body freeze faster than usual under wet conditions. Make sure to also bring a comb or a hat to fix or cover whatever mess the water has done to your hair.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be a safe and fashionable man who lives up to the name, “life of the party.”



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