Final: Reflection

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I came into the class of Creative Writing expecting to be writing fiction the entire time. I originally signed up for the club for the best interest of my writing skills. Improving my writing skills by practice is an important asset to me in the future of my career out of school. I had hoped that through creative writing variation I would receive extra knowledge into different mediums of writing to eventually use later in life.

As far as accomplishments, I felt I expanded my horizon of different types of writing. One of my favorite things we did was slam poetry. Although I did not have many things to be passionate or enraged about, I still enjoyed the different structures and tones presented throughout the poems. I learned that many people have entirely different ideas as to how they perceive topics and how they present it in a formal writing piece.  Slam poetry was one of the pieces I pulled from this year to present as my best work because I felt the most attached to this piece solely for the sheer excitement I had in writing it. I also included my fictional narrative as I enjoy writing fiction. Lastly, I picked my cover letter as I really liked the applicability of it to the real world. Fictional stories are exciting and creative, but unless I plan on being a writer, a job application seems to be very useful in my future endeavors or career paths.

I do not perceive myself as I very articulate writer, but through this class I had many opportunities to expand my skill-set in the writing field. I look forward to using my new found competence in different instances throughout the rest of my education and throughout my career as a working adult. I know that I still need help with my structure and grammatical errors, but practice makes perfect and this class gave me the opportunity to practice my writing in a creative way.


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