Final: Blog Post 3- Music

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Music can be a powerful indicator of how a man will conduct his life. If he listens to soft/alternative/acoustic music, he may be a caring and reserved individual. If he listens to rap or pop, he might be violent or a faster paced person. The type of music a man listens to is really a good source into the life of that man. All different kinds of music send different vibes or messages. In this blog, I will be discussing the effects different kinds of music have on people and also what their personalities may be like if they listen to that genre.

Jazz: this man is a classical man who loves to feel the rhythm. He may enjoy smooth jazz or spunky jazz. This type of man is usually docile and appreciates the art more than most. He is sensitive, but also traditional in the relationships he has with women. Expect this man to need time alone as most jazz listeners are introverts. He finds comfort in tough situations by escaping to listen to the calming trumpets and flutes fiddling along.

Rap: this man is more modern. Some of these men tend to be overly protective or aggressive at times. Others look to rap as an alliance. Chances are a man who listens to rap may have had a troubles past that you may not be aware of. These rap songs are often about the struggles of kids growing up in the slums or ghettos. The appeal to rap is primary because they feel a sense of belonging within their own lives and the song. Others listen to rap to feel cool, as if they were riding and bumping along. Some are attracted to that kind of lifestyle and you may want to avoid them if that is not what you are looking for.

Classical/Acoustic: this type of man is as docile as the jazz man, however; at times he may exhibit signs of being over-sensitive. He listens to artists  such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Kenny Rodgers and more. He likes to be outside and is the type of man to go on a drive for no direct purpose whatsoever. He has traditional values. Religion, Family, and Friends come first and in that order usually. It is difficult to say this is true for all men, but since this is me personally I can relate. Sometimes this man is described as “soft,” which I consider to be term of endearment unless you are trying to be a “macho man.”

Alternative: this type of man is very complex. He enjoys being different from the masses and usually tends to start trends or explore options not popular in society. Sometimes this type of man is described as a “hipster.” They enjoy songs with very weird titles and usually techno music. They almost regularly attend concerts in which they can dance around and enjoy bright flashing lights. Although, this type of man can listen to softer alternative. If you’ve ever been to a coffee house, you’ve heard their favorite type of music. It is calming and usually a mood booster.

I hope you learned about the different types of men associated with different music tastes. The goal of this is to inform you, but also guide you better relationships with men, friendly or romantic.



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