Final: Blog Post 3- Music

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Music can be a powerful indicator of how a man will conduct his life. If he listens to soft/alternative/acoustic music, he may be a caring and reserved individual. If he listens to rap or pop, he might be violent or a faster paced person. The type of music a man listens to is really a good source into the life of that man. All different kinds of music send different vibes or messages. In this blog, I will be discussing the effects different kinds of music have on people and also what their personalities may be like if they listen to that genre.

Jazz: this man is a classical man who loves to feel the rhythm. He may enjoy smooth jazz or spunky jazz. This type of man is usually docile and appreciates the art more than most. He is sensitive, but also traditional in the relationships he has with women. Expect this man to need time alone as most jazz listeners are introverts. He finds comfort in tough situations by escaping to listen to the calming trumpets and flutes fiddling along.

Rap: this man is more modern. Some of these men tend to be overly protective or aggressive at times. Others look to rap as an alliance. Chances are a man who listens to rap may have had a troubles past that you may not be aware of. These rap songs are often about the struggles of kids growing up in the slums or ghettos. The appeal to rap is primary because they feel a sense of belonging within their own lives and the song. Others listen to rap to feel cool, as if they were riding and bumping along. Some are attracted to that kind of lifestyle and you may want to avoid them if that is not what you are looking for.

Classical/Acoustic: this type of man is as docile as the jazz man, however; at times he may exhibit signs of being over-sensitive. He listens to artists  such as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Kenny Rodgers and more. He likes to be outside and is the type of man to go on a drive for no direct purpose whatsoever. He has traditional values. Religion, Family, and Friends come first and in that order usually. It is difficult to say this is true for all men, but since this is me personally I can relate. Sometimes this man is described as “soft,” which I consider to be term of endearment unless you are trying to be a “macho man.”

Alternative: this type of man is very complex. He enjoys being different from the masses and usually tends to start trends or explore options not popular in society. Sometimes this type of man is described as a “hipster.” They enjoy songs with very weird titles and usually techno music. They almost regularly attend concerts in which they can dance around and enjoy bright flashing lights. Although, this type of man can listen to softer alternative. If you’ve ever been to a coffee house, you’ve heard their favorite type of music. It is calming and usually a mood booster.

I hope you learned about the different types of men associated with different music tastes. The goal of this is to inform you, but also guide you better relationships with men, friendly or romantic.



Final: Blog Post 2- Clothing

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Dress for the occasion is the most underrated statement in all of manhood. It is not about being the best looking guy in the room, it is clearly about being the best dressed. Their are many ways to present yourself for various different occasions or events. As you go along in the manhood process the guidelines for how to dress, the what-to-wears, become more discreet.

For a small gathering party: Clothing does not always have to be dependent on the weather, wear shorts when you please and pants whenever you are at leisure to do so. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be uncomfortable to look good. There are many different styles that guys can wear to keep them cool and comfortable. For a small gathering, comfort is always key. The converstation and attention will be derived towards each other, and since there are not that many people, smaller details will become evident. For winter, I recommend a sweater over the top of a formal button-down. This look is extremely classic and quite comfortable for a chilly season. For summer, I recommend non-khaki dress shorts. Either ones you would wear to a beach or even golf shorts. For shirts in the summer I recommend a henley button-down or a loose fitting polo shirt (non-cotton) to keep you cool.

For a club party: This is the time to dress in bright colors. Traditionally, many people try to impress by dressing in all neon colors to make the party more vibrant, however; the color white is best scene in a dark and black-lit atmosphere. It creates a unique light that radiates from your shirt and is sure to be a hot topic at the party. Be sure to bring glow sticks to the party and pass them out. It is fun to wear them as bracelets or necklaces on the dance floor. If the party starts to get crazy, you might have the crazy idea to rip open the glow sticks and put the juice inside on yourself. This is completely fine, but be aware that the juice does stain clothing so if you are going to put anywhere, put it on your skin. The light it reflects on your skin is sure to be an attention getter.

For a night pool party: A pool party is complicated because you want to wear something nice, but at the same time everything gets wet and it looks awkward. Keep your swimsuit and your change of clothes separate at all times. Most of the time people would assume that you change into shorts and a raggy old t shirt after, but it might be a good idea to pack some sweatpants. Nights can become very chilly and the biggest chill you might have is from the water in which you just swam in. Wind, of any kind, can make your body freeze faster than usual under wet conditions. Make sure to also bring a comb or a hat to fix or cover whatever mess the water has done to your hair.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be a safe and fashionable man who lives up to the name, “life of the party.”


Final: Reflection

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I came into the class of Creative Writing expecting to be writing fiction the entire time. I originally signed up for the club for the best interest of my writing skills. Improving my writing skills by practice is an important asset to me in the future of my career out of school. I had hoped that through creative writing variation I would receive extra knowledge into different mediums of writing to eventually use later in life.

As far as accomplishments, I felt I expanded my horizon of different types of writing. One of my favorite things we did was slam poetry. Although I did not have many things to be passionate or enraged about, I still enjoyed the different structures and tones presented throughout the poems. I learned that many people have entirely different ideas as to how they perceive topics and how they present it in a formal writing piece.  Slam poetry was one of the pieces I pulled from this year to present as my best work because I felt the most attached to this piece solely for the sheer excitement I had in writing it. I also included my fictional narrative as I enjoy writing fiction. Lastly, I picked my cover letter as I really liked the applicability of it to the real world. Fictional stories are exciting and creative, but unless I plan on being a writer, a job application seems to be very useful in my future endeavors or career paths.

I do not perceive myself as I very articulate writer, but through this class I had many opportunities to expand my skill-set in the writing field. I look forward to using my new found competence in different instances throughout the rest of my education and throughout my career as a working adult. I know that I still need help with my structure and grammatical errors, but practice makes perfect and this class gave me the opportunity to practice my writing in a creative way.

Final: Blog Post 1 – Cars

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To be a man, you gotta’ have the car. It is one of the most basic rules to follow and sometimes one of the hardest to execute. It is a simple concept, cars get the girls. If that is true, then by getting a car you get the girl and become a man. Manhood is not solely about the car of which you have, but rather in the way in which you use it.

First, there are many different types of cars that vary in price, style, and the “vibe” it gives off. Just because you don’t have the financial means to afford a high-rolling car does not mean you are a not a man. A man is responsible with his money and does not buy exotic things that would put the needs of his family after his own needs. That is simply selfish. A car should be proportionate to the income the man makes. If he makes six figures he should be able to save up and afford a luxury car and present it in a reasonable way.

For example, I man, no matter the caliber of income, should not flaunt at any time. There is a certain glow that being modest and classy presents to a person. Being flashy and talking about how much you have or how much you make will only satisfy yourself because other people find that trait to be particularly unattractive. It is not always about the stuff you have, but in the manner that you preserve it.

Reckless spending on cars is excessive. If your family wants to move or go on vacation, their needs always come first. Do not spend money on a car in which only one or two of the family members can enjoy it. It is a fine line between selfish and caring. There should be no time that an inanimate object should come before a person’s children in any scenario.

Next, a car should be maintained. If you are going to own anything that nice, it should be well kept. Although, there is a big difference between cautious and caring as well. Some men believe that their prized possessions should sit in a garage never to see the outside world. For me personally I find that to be a complete waste of money. Earning and saving for a long period of time only to not drive that car and just look at it collect dust in a florescent lighted garage for years on years—no thanks.

Lastly, cars a special thing unique to the manhood community. Please be considerate to other drivers on the road and understand that there are other people on the road too and some who are in the same situation as you. Don’t be a reckless driver, not to say you can not enjoy the car and accelerate once in a while, but rather know your place. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, do not be hot-dogging (loud noises) down the street on your way to work early in the morning. If you follow these tips, your car will make you happy and it will be greatly liked by all members of the manhood community.


Final: Fictional Narrative

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I creaked and screeched at all times of the day, always creating a coggy atmosphere for the viewers. I really hate the viewers, why can’t I just be left alone? My bumpy floorboards, my dusty staircases, all the curtains filled with blood from past owners. I’m sure not pretty, but there is definitely a reason people tend to stay away from me. Years after years people keep making the mistake of buying me. I do love that people try, but what they always seem to overlook is the story behind my walls.

In 1867 I was built, following the civil war, by a young couple who had just had their first son. The couple was happy, they had a glow to them. Although it was this glow that was concealing their real personalities. To everyone else they seemed like the ideal family, they would put on a mask daily to show to their friends, but when the time came to come home they turned into completely different people. It was the father, Obediah, who had enforced the rule that their only son could not leave the house past eight. Now for a little boy this was troubling as all the neighbor kids played in the streets at night. He knew his mother Meredith would be a pushover on the subject and so when Obediah was not home he snuck out. He was only outside for twelve minutes before Obediah brought him inside forcefully. This was it, he had broken the golden rule of the home. Obediah unlooped his built and pinned little Edward against a chair. Meredith started sobbing even before it happened. Edward cried out, but no one could hear him.

Obediah’s last words before he stopped, “you don’t wanna find out what’s next.”

Edward trembled over those words and quivered up into a small ball. He was scared beyond belief and all he could do was sit in his room and think. Although a small evil consumed Edward. He began playing out scenarios in his head of what life would be like without his father. I believe a spirit had taken him. He now was addressing himself as “Legion.” Everything he said he slurred and whenever he was called to dinner he looked at Obediah in demonic way.

One night while Obediah was sleeping, Edward peeped through the door and stood silently over his bedside for hours. In the morning Obediah was woken up to a shoe hitting the floor and Edward’s bright white eyes were hidden in a cluster of shadows. Obediah and Meredith were worried for Edward, and not for their own well-beings like they should’ve been.

The next night was the night that had defined me for the rest of the world. Edward slithered into the basement and hid in the dark under a blanket in the crawlspace. Obediah and Meredith quietly stepped down one step at a time to turn the light on. Once they did they saw Edward in the corner feasting on a dead rat. He was hunched and facing away from his parents.

They creeped closer and touched him on the back saying, “alright Edward time to come upstairs.”

Edward cracked his neck heavily and turned almost all the way around “but the fun has just begun,” he said laughing hysterically

He pulled out a dagger and pierced it directly through Obediah’s heart. Obediah stood grasping for his last breaths. He felt chilled and looked over Edward’s shoulder to see a dark man who filled the description of Lucifer.

“Why have you forsaken me God?” as his final words came out.

Meredith managed to escape from my basement and flee to start a new life somewhere far away, some say she fled to California for the gold rush. She had talked to the realtors to help her sell me right away. She was not about to tell any stories about her son who had murdered her husband. The idea was that I would not sell if people were aware of the demonic possession that occurred in me. She just thought it would be for the best that no one knew about the incident; however, she was sadly mistaken.

At the turn of the century, another family had finally moved in. They had been saving every penny they own to buy me. It was just barely enough.

The first night they moved in was probably the worst for them. They heard noises throughout the night. The father had gotten up to check out what was going on. He crawled out of their bed and headed down the hallway towards the stairs with a small candle to light the way. As he approached the stairs his candle diminished.

He yelled out, “who’s there?”

A small whisper leaned over and said, “Legion.”

Then the father was whipped down the stairs and landed on his head. I saw the whole thing. Legion was standing at the top of the stairs with the door to the bedroom half open.

The wife heard the door open and half asleep said, “come back to bed honey.”

She opened her eyes and saw this black spirit just lurking on her bedside. It entered her. The father rushed back into the room to see if she was okay. He took her and their crying child into the family room together. Only candle light lit the house. The father had told his wife to stay with the baby while he would go and investigate.

Within seconds of leaving the mother had taken the baby and left out the door never to be seen again.

Many different things have happened inside me and I wonder if I’ll be owned again. Actually I hear someone coming now. I am Legion.

Final: Revised Creative Writing Posts

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Final: New Poetry

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Little Yellow Bird

I wonder about that little yellow bird

sitting all crunched up like a cheese curd

It sits upon the grey tinted ledge

feeling the rush from being on edge

I do not know the feeling

the pressure of life that is reeling

such a downward force on life

so keen and defined like a knife

If only I could be like the bird so free

the world I would want for me


Air so calm and slow

sits upon my nose

inhaling and exhaling

if I should stop only God knows

for the air I breathe

makes me free

and the calm I feel from it

is like no other

so simple yet so important

a little gust of wind

or a massive tornado

air is my friend

air is my need

air is something on top of the trees


Used as a paper item, not seen as valued

by the rich overflowing out of their pockets

Lying inside a swiss bank off shore

keeping away from everyone else in the world

As a way of life for bartering countries

a single item for more or less that determines

the happiness of all the people who need it

hiding it away in a pillow case

As an aid for the lucky

used to help children struggling with cancer

or the autistic families struggling to meet ends meet

this paper glows with the happiness it gives off

As a God worshipped daily in New York

the stock exchange evolves around it

shares on shares, stocks on stocks

the rich get greedier with every call