Little Yellow Bird

I wonder about that little yellow bird

sitting all crunched up like a cheese curd

It sits upon the grey tinted ledge

feeling the rush from being on edge

I do not know the feeling

the pressure of life that is reeling

such a downward force on life

so keen and defined like a knife

If only I could be like the bird so free

the world I would want for me


Air so calm and slow

sits upon my nose

inhaling and exhaling

if I should stop only God knows

for the air I breathe

makes me free

and the calm I feel from it

is like no other

so simple yet so important

a little gust of wind

or a massive tornado

air is my friend

air is my need

air is something on top of the trees


Used as a paper item, not seen as valued

by the rich overflowing out of their pockets

Lying inside a swiss bank off shore

keeping away from everyone else in the world

As a way of life for bartering countries

a single item for more or less that determines

the happiness of all the people who need it

hiding it away in a pillow case

As an aid for the lucky

used to help children struggling with cancer

or the autistic families struggling to meet ends meet

this paper glows with the happiness it gives off

As a God worshipped daily in New York

the stock exchange evolves around it

shares on shares, stocks on stocks

the rich get greedier with every call


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